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Your Email list deserves a good Cleaning

State of the art email verification and email list cleaning solution


Millions of Email addresses Verified Everyday

Our email verification platform is one of the most robust and all-inclusive on the market.

  • Email Verification tool

Simply type in a single email address or upload a bulk list and the system will work to verify the authenticity of your email addresses.

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  • Find email addresses by domain

Find email addresses connected to any domain name or web address.

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  • Email finder

Use the full name and the website address of your prospect to find their email address.

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Reverse lookup

Verify phone numbers and get location, operator, phone type etc in seconds.

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We use the latest in data protection technology to ensure your information stays safe and secure

email validation service

24/7 Support

We are here around the clock to provide you with the support you need to help you succeed.

Up to 95% Accurate 

We constantly perform checks and tests to ensure the highest possible accuracy 


Unbridled Data Cleaning

Checkr utilizes a multi-step process to email records around the world. Ensuring that your data is accurate. 

verify address

Mail Server Verification

We deliver results after we perform a a detailed mail server verification for user identification. Using SMTP methods.

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Global Reach

Our system can be used to verify emails from all over the world. From large organizations to small mom and pop firms.

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Clear Results 

Our platform provides easy-to-read results with every query, saving you valuable time 

Simple pricing

We realize that as a small business owner you work hard to deploy your hard earned capital in the most constructive ways possible. With this in mind, we offer a simple all-in-one pricing structure to meet your needs.